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Learn how important it is to write quality articles for article marketing. If you can master the art of writing what people want to read, you are well on your way to creating more equity for you website or business. Not all articles get the chance to be read. Some are doomed to be forgotten even before they are browsed through. If an article remains unrecognized after it has been published, then it beats the purpose of why it was written in the first place. Articles are written to convey a valuable message to the readers. They are written to be read ” otherwise the effort is wasted.

There are many article submission tools to increase the efficiency of distributing articles. But before the submission process begins, you need to know how to create effective articles that will create more back links and ultimately more traffic to your website.

There are some guidelines that all article directories have in place and if you do not avid by these guidelines, you will never get an article published. By writing articles that the directories are looking for, you can increase your rate of successful article submissions and ultimately back links to your website.

Increase the exposure of each article you write. Use numbers or bullets to stress your point. Numbers and bullets can keep the readers attention because they will anticipate something important to be revealed. Adding shape to articles instead of the same boring block of text will also keep the readers interested.

In regards to placing keywords in the article, you article should contain your keyword once for every 100 words or 3 to 5 percent of the total content. Any more than that and your article will probably be deleted by article directories and disregarded by the search engines. (aka spamming keywords)

Learn the difference between these two and find good article submission tools, and it will surely help you know what kinds of articles to write and to submit.

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