It takes a big email list to make a big email list

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Yes, it takes a big email list to make a big email marketing list. You’ve probably heard the hackneyed phrase, “It takes money to make money.” The same thing is true in building an email marketing list. Let me explain.

Of course there are those who will tell you that you don’t need money to make money, which is true to some extent. But, if you have money, you can make more money faster because you can afford to pay for advertising, entertain key buyers and so forth. The same is true with building an email list.

You can start from scratch and build an email list one name at a time, and if time is not important to you, eventually, sure enough, you will have a list. But it could take years, and therein lies the rub in list building—it takes forever.

It's all about leverage. The bigger the listyou start with, the faster you will build and the faster you will make money.

Most email marketing lists accrue at the speed of mammal evolution. Is there a solution to this conundrum?

What if there were a way to get a large email list instantly and then use that list to build your opt-in buyers list, a list that will make you money over and over and over again?

Why do it the slow way when it is possible for you to get a list of 50,000 fresh, eager, responsive new opt-in leads every week that you can email to and drive buyers to your Website, sales page, or affiliate offer?

You will receive 50,000 new leads consisting of people who are eager to find new products and services, people who are eager to make money online. These are not just a first name and an email address type of cheesy leads. These true opt-in leads will have complete contact information with full name, physical mailing address, phone number, email address, and ip address. Accordingly, you can use these leads for offline marketing. Send them a post card. You can use these leads for telemarketing. Give them a call. And of course you can email them with your offer. With an autoresponder, keep them informed regularly with a newsletter. Build a relationship.

These are the same leads that I would sell to fortune 500 companies for $150 per thousand with all these valuable selects. But you won’t pay anywhere near that amount, not even close. I cannot believe the insanely reasonable price of these data.

What if you don’t have a thriving business yet? With this program, you can have an instant online business selling fresh leads to other Internet marketers with your own customizable pre-built Website. Use the leads to promote your new business as well as an existing business.

The creator of this program uses these same tools to make over $37,000 a month. Now you can too, and it is about 99% on autopilot.

Frankly, this is the only business you will ever need to start making a fortune online. Of course you can use it to launch other profit centers along the way.

Having been in the list business since 1988, I have to say I have never seen anything like this. It is a golden opportunity too amazing to pass up. The key to successful Internet marketing is having a large database to mail to. Here is your chance to create an instant database for almost nothing.

This is especially true when you compare it to the expensive, frustrating learning curve of pay per click and other forms of paid advertising. The real glory of email marketing is that it is virtually free. It can make you money every time you turn on the switch. You can use your list over and over again as you build and refine it.

If you are at all serious about making money online, you need to stop going up blind alleys and wasting your time and money. This is the real thing—the only system you will ever need to become hugely successful online.

Check it out. If for some reason I can’t imagine you don’t feel this is for you, it comes with a 100% guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

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