Email Marketing Solutions Content Tips: Avoiding Spam Filters

Email marketing solutions has dramatically increased inpopularity over the past several years. In the meantime, spamfilters have become savvier. This is not to say that spamfilters are out to thwart email marketers, since that is farfrom the case. Spam filters are actually out to catch thosepeople who aren't abiding by email marketing solutions bestpractices. They are out to get the ones actually sending spam.That, in turn, helps legitimate email marketers because itreduces clutter in the recipient's inbox. This is not to sayspam filters don't pose somewhat of a problem, because there arealways false positives and that's what you really want to avoid.

Tip #1: Use a descriptive subject that does not appearhokey/cheesy/scam-like

For some reason people get to the subject line of their emailmarketing solutions campaign and they have this deep urge to getcheesy. I don't know why that happens, but please (prettyplease!) fight that temptation! Also, if you have the urge towrite something that makes your email sound like a scam (forexample, "open this email and all your dreams will come true"),then please fight off that urge as well. Although you may thinkthat by using those seemingly catchy phrases you've stumbledupon email marketing solutions genius that will boost your openpercentage, I can assure you that you have not. Today's emailrecipient is far too smart to fall for gimmicky tricks likethis. And, today's spam filters are programmed to catch thesegimmicky emails and throw them right into the spam folder. It'sjust not worth it.

While your subject line should be designed to entice yourrecipient to open the email, it should attract users by offeringa real description of the contents of the message. Use thesubject to let people know what they can expect to find insideyour email. If you are offering a promotion, put a little teaserabout the promotion. If you are sending out a monthlynewsletter, put a little teaser about your top story.

If you are honest in your subject line, people will be far moreapt to read your email.

Also, studies show that having a good subject line leads to ahigher conversion rate. If people see a subject talking about apromotion and then open your email to find that promotion, theyare more likely to engage with it. If your subject talks about agreat promotion on pet toys, but inside you're trying to sellthem dog food that isn't on sale, people will swiftly close youremail and be less inclined to open it next time.

Tip #2: Don't Go Insane With Colors, Bolding, Italics, etc.

For some reason people seem to love using all sorts ofstylistic tools when they create an email marketing solutionscampaign. I'm not sure why people get all giddy and excited whenthey put all their text in bright red and bold everything. I canguarantee you that doing that is only hurting you.

While you can use colors, bolding, italics and font-sizevariations to make your email marketing solutions campaign lookattractive, it's important to keep these font style variationsto a minimum. Use bolds, italics and colors only when necessary.For instance, you can highlight a word or couple of words bymaking them bold. But, if you find that you have bolded anentire paragraph, then you've used way too much bold.

It's totally fine if you want to turn a headline red or makesome text bigger to draw attention to it. If you feel it'sneeded, then that is totally acceptable. But, as you're creatingyour email marketing solutions campaign and find yourself drawnto one of these stylistic tools, ask yourself if it is reallynecessary. If it is, then proceed as planned, but if it's not,then leave the text alone.

An email filled with all sorts of different text colors, a hugevariety of text sizes, entire paragraphs in bold, long sentencesin italics, etc, does not look legitimate at all and spamfilters will pick up on that. Remember that spam filters are programmed to stop any emailsthat look too hokey, so one of the things they're looking for isoveruse of bolds, italics and colors. The goal is to have youractual content be solid enough that it can stand on its own legswithout needing all this stylistic help.

Tip #3: Don't Go Overboard With Pictures

Pictures can really liven up your email marketing solutionscampaign, but that doesn't mean you should cram as many graphicsinto your email as possible. The important thing to keep in mindabout pictures (and graphics in general) is that you shouldmaintain a good balance between text and graphics.

Part of the reason this is so important is because many emailprograms do not display images by default. The recipient has toclick a button or link in order to load the images. What thismeans is that if your entire email marketing solutions campaignis filled with images, the recipient will literally see a blankmessage. That is why having a good amount of text is soimportant. Even if the recipient has images disabled, theyshould still be able to read enough content to entice them todownload the images.

Spam filters also often scan your email content looking for'trigger words' and if the entire email is a graphic then thereis no content to scan. Often times spam filters will beover-cautious, and if there is nothing to scan, it will assumethe content is not legitimate. This is why it is so important tohave a good amount of text in your emails.

There are many other tactics to make sure you get past spamfilters and land in the reader's inbox. A lot also has to dowith your email sending reputation, which is why it is importantto work with a good email service provider (ESP). But, if youfollow the tips listed above, you will at least be putting yourbest foot forward in terms of your content.

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