Internet marketing: forum marketing

If your Internet marketing strategy does not include forum marketing, it is a concept that you may wish to consider.

The idea of forum marketing is simple, and it’s free. Visit a forum and join the community. Do not ever blatantly advertise your product, site or service. That is an absolute no no that will earn you instant banishment. Instead, ask good questions. Become interested in what others have to say. Share your knowledge, and be helpful whenever possible. The idea is to become an authority, a valued member of the community, and someone others can trust. Then they will begin to follow you.

It is perfectly acceptable to end your comments with a signature that contains your URL or some personal information as long as it is not too self-serving.

The only problem with forum marketing, from my point of view, is that it does take time to develop relationships and establish yourself so that people begin to follow you. Personally, I just don’t have time for it.

But if you enjoy that sort of thing and have the time for it, by all means, engage.

However, I do have a better solution for you to consider, which is joint venture marketing. It simply blows away any other form of online marketing. To learn more about it, please visit the Joint Venture section of this site.

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If you think Internet marketing using forums may take too long for results and be too time-consuming, you need to be doing joint ventures. Here’s your invitation: go to the Joint Venture section of this site to learn all about it and to receive a special invitation.