Internet Marketing: Why keywords can make you lots of money

If you’re going to do Internet Marketing, or if you want to take your Network Marketing, MLM, or Home Based Business On-line, then you need to understand the importance of keywords, and how they can help your business!

The Importance of Keywords

Keywords are the words and phrases people type into a Search Engine, when they’re trying to find something on the Internet.

The Search Engines determine a Website or Webpage’s placement in the “Search Engine Results Pages” (SERPs) for each Keyword, based on several factors.

We’ll discuss this later, but for now it’s important to understand that Keywords are the starting point, to getting FREE Traffic to your Website from the SERPs.

Search Engine Optimization

In Internet Marketing, there is a term that’s used quite often called, “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO). We will devote a full category to SEO later, but for now know that all of this is centered on optimizing your Website for the right Keywords.

Choosing Keywords

Choosing the right Keywords to optimize a Website with can make you a fortune On-line, while choosing the wrong Keywords will destroy a Website very quickly.

For example; you may find that getting a top SERPs listing for the Keywords “Rose Gardening” very difficult. So by using different Keywords related to “Rose Gardening” such as, “Growing Roses” or “How to Grow Roses” you may be able to get a much higher SERPs placement.

To determine which Keywords you should focus on, we must do something called “Keyword Research”. This is not at all difficult to do, but it’s vital to your financial success in Internet Marketing. We ‘ll go over “Keyword Research” in upcoming posts.

To Your Success!


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