Internet marketing expert Mike Dillard releases exciting new traffic engine

WEBWIRE – 5/28/09

If you are by any means involved in the Internet marketing, direct sales or Internet marketing industry you will surely have heard of Mike Dillard.

Mike Dillard is the guy who, after failing miserably for years in the industry, went from waiting tables to 7-figures in less than 18 months, and is now considered a living legend in the home based industry.

He is the creator of the Magnetic Sponsoring, Building on a Budget and Blackbelt Recruiting courses, and 3 years ago Mike released his "MLM Traffic Formula" course.

This is a complete step-by-step guide on what he did to accomplish complete freedom for himself and this course has been one of the net’s best selling affiliate programs of all times, creating many millionaires along the way.

The thing is, even though the principles still work big time, the Internet scene is constantly evolving and Mike and his team are now releasing the updated version of the course, called it "MLM Traffic Formula 2.0".

In combination with the launch, Mike has just recorded a 36-minute long video where he gives away all of his secrets from his original course, which sold for $997, for free!

This video will only be available for a very limited time during the launch of "MLM Traffic Formula 2.0", and explains all about how Mike attracts over 600 leads a day for free, produce instant cash for his business and sell people on his business opportunity automatically.

If you are interested in reviewing "MLM Traffic Formula 2.0" for yourself and see the free video, go to the link below now:


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