Exclusive Joint Venture Group: an invitation to join

Here is your invitation to joint an exclusive joint venture organization. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: JVs are the most powerful way of making money online.

Joint Ventures or JVs allow you to partner with someone who ones a large double opt-in list. Usually the followers on the list trust the list owner and follow his/her advice. So, if the list owner recommends your product, it gives you instant credibility and some nice sales revenue.

If you are just starting out in Internet marketing, you probably have not had time to build a list yet. So, putting together a JV deal is an ideal way to begin. Be sure to have a quality product of your own to promote. No one needs another affiliate program or an MLM program. They don’t need you. They can do it themselves and get 100% of the commission.

However, if you have put together a killer bonus package and a super set of promotional emails, and a nifty landing page, a JV partner may very well be interested in working with you even on an affiliate program because there could be upsales and back end commissions to sweeten the pie.

If you already have begun to build your list, and you are looking for promotions to send to your list, it can be difficult to learn about enticing launches in time.

Joint ventures don’t always have to be about emailing to a list. You can be creative about different ways to put together reciprocal ventures such as trading banners, links, and products. You can come up with some dynamite bonus packages too with a cooperative effort, which also qualifies as a JV technically.

The solution to the problems of finding JV partners and to learning about new launches in a timely fashion is solved by joining JV-Network.com, which is free. You only pay if you want to make an announcement to the list of over 10,000 members.

You will have the possibility of making contact with and doing joint ventures with such top marketers as the following:

>> Shawn Casey

>> Tellman Knudson

>> Gary Ambrose

>> Dr Mike Woo-Ming

>> Alice Seba

>> Carlos Garcia

>> Mike Glaspie

>>Mike Filsaime

To join, you need a private invitation. As a visitor to my site, I would like to invite you to join this exclusive group. Just follow this link.

After you join, please contact me. and let me know. I will look for you in the member's directory.

The site does not use email to notify you of a JV announcement; it uses an advanced technology to get you the information instantly.

By the way, I probably have one of the largest lists out there in several niches, and I am always looking for a mutually beneficial Joint Venture project. Just complete and submit an Joint Venture Application Form... I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Keep connected.

Timothy Hillebrand, Ph.D.