Joint Ventures: the only Internet marketing strategy you will ever need

Joint Ventures are the most profitable Internet marketing strategy ever conceived. The truth is, JVs are the only strategy you will ever need. You can literally forget about list building, pay per click, banner ads, and all the rest. They are a waste of money.

Joint ventures and easy to do and don’t cost you anything. The return from JVs is almost instantaneous. JVs can be your pathway to overnight success. JVs can propel an avalanche of qualified traffic cascading down on your site.

If you are not clear about JVs, they are a simple, synergistic business relationship between two or more parties. Each party contributes a vital component to the arrangement resulting in an outcome that neither party alone could accomplish.

A typical online JV would be one in which one party has developed a new product to sell online, but may have no resources or marketing experience leaving the project dead in the water. However, if the product owner were to approach an experienced marketer with a large email mailing list in a joint venture arrangement, the project could be launched very easily.In addition to creating the product, you should also design the campaign, which still doesn’t cost you anything but time unless you outsource it. The see what is involved in preparing a campaign, you will want to read my article: Are you ready for a joint venture?

The benefits to the product developer are manifold. Not only do you get to launch and market your product with an instant return for free, but you can use JVs to build your own marketing list. The developer leverages off of his partner’s list, which can take years to build, uses his partner’s servers, and has no risk of spamming or getting his account shut down. In the meantime you will have launched your product, created an income stream, begin building your own list, and established instant credibility.

There is no other method of Internet marketing as powerful or profitable as JVs. Start figuring out what you can bring to the table and go get a partner. I warn you, however, that it is not easy to convince an already successful list owner to partner with a virtually unknown entity. Just be persistent, and you will prevail. Success will build on success, and you will gain credibility with each new venture.