Membership sites are serious income engines

Gold Rush is basically a manual for building membership sites, which are clearly one of the most powerful online income engines available. These sites, and there are at least five different kinds, are brilliant because they continue to bring in residual income month after month as opposed to a one time sale. Having your own member based site is truly a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

This guide is much more than a template for building a member site. It starts in the beginning by helping you to identify profitable and viable niche markets to tap. Then it helps you market with such simple but sophisticated concepts as joint venture marketing.

If you are tired of promoting other people’s programs, you should consider building your own business on the membership model.

There are twelve modules to this program. Let’s take a look at them to gain an appreciation of the depth of this application. You will see that with Membership Gold Rush nothing is left to chance. It will guide you through every aspect - from concept to creation - from monetization to automation.

The Twelve Modules

1. There are five kinds of membership sites. Discover which is the perfect fit for your niche.

2. Learn how to find a profitable niche that suits your interests and expertise with a special system.

3. How to build a business, not a hobby. Learn how to make money 14 different way from you membership site.

4. Monetize you site with an automated system to earn a handsome residual income.

5. Case studies with easy to apply tips.

6. Tips for making your site spectacular so that members will love to visit and hang out.

7. Learn how to use joint ventures.

8. How to build and manage an affiliate sales army

9. Learn the secrets of Buzz marketing.

10. How to build sell your site and sell it. Google paid $1.65 billion for YouTube. Would you like to sell your membership site for that much?

11. Learn how to automate and outsource your membership site to give yourself true financial freedom.

12. This is a bonus module that will remain secret until you subscribe. But I happen to know that it will involve Internet market resources, free memberships, niche suggestions, and lots of bonus materials to reinforce your business efforts.


As you may recall, the objectives of this Website are to find profitable Internet businesses and to put them on autopilot so that we can enjoy full financial freedom. Gold Rush will do exactly that for you. Accordingly, I judge it a must have in your toolbox. It suggests that you can be completely financially free within 6-12 months. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially if it’s on autopilot. Don’t you think it’s time for you to start building your own membership gold rush bonanza?

Get your copy of Membership Gold Rush now. At only $37, it is a strategic investment that could set you up for a life of financial freedom.

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