Cash in on Mobile Websites

Consider creating mobile Websites so that they can be viewed on the small screens of mobile phones. Why? Well, far more people carry cell phones than use computers. It’s too big an audience to neglect. People like to be able to shop using their mobile devices and do not appreciate having to scroll all over the place on a big Web page layout that is not optimized for small screen viewing. So, get with it if you want to capture vast and lucrative market.

All of the major social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter already have mobile Websites. Does that tell you something?

How do you go about going mobile? It’s not that difficult, and there are several free tools available that make it possible. For instance, check out There is a WordPress plug-in available here too. Also take a look at as well as

Go to and read the article on how to create a mobile Website.

Here’s another article on optimizing mobile Wesites:

Build mobile sites with text messaging built in free:

There is not finer Website software than XSitePro, which will build a mobile Website version simultaneously with the desktop version. It’s all part of the package, but it costs $300, which is actually an excellent investment.

For an informative Webcast on mobile affiliate marketing, go to

Here are some helpful blogs and forums that deal with things mobi:

SMS Blog

Speaking of Mobi, you should consider getting a new domain with the .mobi extension for your mobile Websites.

There is even a handbook on the subject of mobile marketing by Kim Dushinski available from Amazon. She also offers a comprehensive course on the subject that promises to discover how to harness the profit-building power of this cutting-edge (and practically undiscovered) marketing platform to bypass your competitors, improve profits, and reach new and existing customers easier than ever before. Hint: you get a big discount on the course if you’ve already bought the book. But I wonder what is in the course that’s not in the book. Hmm…

To learn more about mobile marketing, please visit the SMS Blog and this informative Website.


Mobile marketing is the future of advertising. There is no other medium that reaches opt-in customers as readily. It is not enough to have a mobile marketing account set up, which you can get here, you should also set up mobile sites for optimized viewing on a mobile screen.