Mobile Marketing: Attract more ezine subscribers

If you want more ezine subscribers, use the power of mobile marketing. Mobile marketing involves sending text messages to an opt-in list. An ezine, or electronic newsletter, is an effective way to get your message across to your prospects and clients. Many small business owners think about offering one, but sometimes have difficulties putting the entire process into place. Whether you’ve been operating an ezine for a while now, or have been contemplating starting one for your business, take a look at these tips.

1. Identify your target market and what your ezine will do for them.

Putting a signup box on your home page doesn’t give people reasons for signing up. They want to know what they are signing up for. Give your ezine a name, and have a “More Information” page that describes what your ezine offers. Provide a link to a sample or two, and consider archiving your ezines as well.

2. Don’t hide your information.

If your goal is to create signups for your ezine, make that a prominent part of your Website, and launch a mobile marketing campaign. Tell your visitors what you want them to do. Lead them through your website, and ultimately to the action pages on your site. You should always have a page devoted to your ezine, describing it in detail, and requesting your visitors to sign up.

3. Provide the best information possible within your niche.

Think of your ezine as an information piece that opens up ideas to your target market. What can you do to inspire your readers? What can you do to help them learn and apply something new? If you gain their trust by supplying useful information, they will come to rely on you for a wealth of information.

4. Stay current.

Nothing kills subscription levels more than providing the same information, over and over again. Reward your readers who have been with you from the beginning by constantly reinventing yourself.

Start by developing a formula for your ezine. Once you have a system in place, try something new and track the results. For instance, you may send a text ezine and an html ezine. Which gets opened more? Or you may play around with the amount of information provided; do your readers like quick tips, or more informative articles?

Remember, just because something holds true today, doesn’t mean you can’t retest a few months from now. People change quickly, especially online. Give your readers what they want, and create a desire for your information.

5. Ask for the referral.

Is your information of value to your readers? Chances are your readers have friends. Ask for the referral.

6. Your ezine should be optimized for small screen viewing as far more people use mobile phone today than computers.

7. Remember that people don’t leave home without their mobile phones anymore. Accordingly, they represent a market that is always reachable, which makes mobile marketing far more powerful than any other medium.

8. Offer special incentives for people to subscribe to the mobile version of your ezine such as coupons, discounts, contests, opinion polls etc.

Use the power of mobile marketing creatively and you will be amazed at the results.


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