Mobile Marketing Worked Wonders for Starbucks

How Mobile Marketing Works for Starbucks

Though it’s only in Mexico right now, Starbucks is planning to introduce 2D barcodes for mobile campaigns in the United States soon. That’s due to a 60% coupon redemption rate for their program in Mexico, a success rate we’d all like to experience.Their campaign is designed to both reward existing customers and to bring new customers into the stores.

• Postcards are being handed out in malls, universities and retail outlets, with an invitation to text keyword STARBUCKS to 80080. This results in a text message with a barcode to “buy one get one free.”

• In-store signage with call-to-action to text VENTI to 80080 to receive various offers and product size upgrades.The stores are equipped to read the coupons directly from the 2D codes on the customers’ cell phones. 80% of consumers in Mexico carry a cell phone, and the redemption rate is reported to be 60%. The two-pronged approach of rewarding loyal customers and attracting new ones is quite successful.

Each time a coupon is presented, the offer is modified, encouraging another store visit to redeem it. Consumers find it easy to participate, as they carry their cell phones anyway, so popping it out to get a free drink or product upgrade is hardly a deterrent. There is also a benefit in learning more about what their customers value, as the redemption rate for different products can also be tracked.

Just reading this, there are gears turning in marketing minds. How does their business and customer compare to Starbucks? Are there parallels, and can mobile barcode coupon marketing work for their business. Many will definitely see how to make it happen for their business. And, we’re here to help with everything it takes for success.

In tough economic times, moving marketing budget from 3% response rate methods to 50% or higher is not just smart, it’s necessary.

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