Offline Marketing Joint Ventures

We have already stressed the importance of using offline marketing to promote your online business. Direct mail is one of the most powerful marketing techniques every conceived. This is because you can reach a targeted, motivated audience with the right list. You can then test all the variables as you would a scientific hypothesis until it is fine-tuned and then do a roll out with a sequence of mailings to drive pre- sold prospects to your online business.

If you are not already familiar with the concept of Joint Ventures, let me quickly introduce you to the concept. A JV is a synergistic arrangement of two or more parties combining resources to achieve a result that neither could achieve alone. It’s that simple.

Usually, in online marketing, a person with a product will approach someone who has an established reputation with a large email list. They work together to drive traffic to the sales point and share the profits.

Well, why not use the same approach in your offline marketing efforts? You could approach someone with a large list of targeted prospects, use that list to drive traffic to your Website, and split the proceeds.

It just so happens that I have been in the list business since 1988, own millions of names, and would love to hear from you with a joint venture proposal. It would give me great pleasure to help you with efforts to create a gold rush to your site and to achieve a marketing bonanza.

The very thought of combining the power of direct mail and joint ventures is a thrilling inspiration.

Download the proposal form, complete it, and sent it to me, so we can discuss it further. I look forward to hearing from you.

Timothy S. Hillebrand, Ph.D.