Introduction to Offline Marketing

Do not discount offline marketing as a means of driving traffic online to your Website, blog, or sales pages. Actually, direct mail is one of the most scientifically designed marketing methods ever conceived because it reaches a highly targeted audience. Unlike advertising in most other media where you hope that people with an interest in your product will see your ad by chance, direct mail goes straight to a receptive audience.

Professional mailers continually tweak all the variables to test which produce better offline marketing results. Some of the variables include ad content, special offers, paper size/color/texture, type face/color, envelope, text on envelope, mailing list, time of year, demographics, and the list goes on.

The problem with direct mail in offline marketing is that it can be time-consuming and expensive. There are paper, printing, postage, stuffing, assembly, and delivery costs to consider. Even the best email campaigns rarely exceed 2% in purchases. So, offline marketing becomes a numbers game. The more you mail, the more money you make, assuming your expenses are covered.

Suppose, for example, that you created a nice mail piece that ended up costing $1.00 including postage. You mailed it to 25,000 people, which is a relatively small mailing for a serious offline marketing effort. Your profit on each item sold is $15. You sell 2% or 500 items. That’s $7500 in gross revenue. But your mailing cost you $25,000 . Obviously this is not a good Business decision or use of offline marketing.

You would need to make at least $50 per item just to break even. Or, you would hope to make up the difference in future sales once you have established a new customer. Those 500 new customers could be worth a huge amount over time, which you also have to take into consideration.

But, what if your profit per item were $500? You would make $250,000 on a $25,000 investment—a ten fold return is not bad. Now direct mail begins to make sense, right?

However, most people starting online businesses do not have the time or the money to invest in traditional offline marketing and direct mail. There is one way to use direct mail that has proven to be very successful and relatively inexpensive. Let me share it with you.

Postcard Marketing-a powerful offline marketing techniques

Postcards are the least expensive piece of mail. You can even get a bulk mailing permit from the Post Office to reduce the cost of postage further, but you must mail a minimum of 200 to qualify. Of course, you would want to mail many more than that to make it worthwhile. It’s still a numbers game. To learn about bulk rate rules, visit

You can have 5000 postcards printed for around $200 or even less. A mailing list will cost your around $75 per thousand names, and postage will be $.27 or less per card with a bulk mail permit. So, for around $.38 per mailing piece (less than the cost of a first class stamp) you have an attention-grabbing mini-billboard delivered directly to the targeted recipient.

Why postcards work

People actually look forward to their mail each day and resally look at it, especially a well-designed, attention-riveting, colorful postcard. People tend to delete what they consider SPAM email. But full color postcards captivate the eye, grab attention, and sell. Postcards are like miniature billboards with eye-stopping graphics and benefit-oriented text. Your message will jump out at your prospect the minute he or she picks-up the mail.

Attention grabbing

Postcards should be printed in full color on both sides on premium quality coated stock. Unlike direct mail messages hidden in envelopes (that all too often flutter unopened into the nearest recycle bin) each and every person who handles your postcard as it moves along the information highway sees your sales message. And, who knows who on that list of accidental, secondary and pass-along viewers might well become one of your best new customers.

Cost effective

Postcards are clearly the most cost-efficient hard-copy advertising, promotion, and information dissemination vehicle available today. Dollar-for-dollar invested, postcards outperform practically every other direct communication medium, including print, radio and television. Why? Because they are sent to a targeted audience.

Quick turnaround

A good printer can turn your order around in a couple of days. Some even mail for you, which saves you labeling, sorting, bulk permit, and delivery to Post Office, which can be a big bother.

Regular customer contact

Customers will appreciate your thinking of them with special offers on a regular basis. They are much more likely to act on a postcard than an email that they habitually delete.

When you compare the cost of a stamp to what pay per click ads can cost, it’s a bargain. You can go broke really fast in the highly competitive PPC game. Do consider postcards as an important marketing tool, and use them often to drive traffic to your sales site.

Other offline marketing approaches

Of course there are news releases if you have something noteworthy of local interest. You can buy classified ads and display ads in print media and hope for the best with an untargeted audience. The same holds for radio and television, and you’re talking big bucks without much assurance of a return.

You can put flyers on telephone poles or plaster them on car windshields in a parking lot, but that’s pretty much a waste of time and money too.

By all means have some business cards printed designed to drive traffic to your site and pass them out at every opportunity as you network.

But, if you want to do a cost effective, productive offline marketing campaign to attract online traffic, I urge you to consider the virtues of postcard marketing.


Here’s an open invitation to you from me. I just happen to own a mailing list company. Over the years I have been able to help companies large and small as well as individuals with their marketing needs. I have excellent business opportunity seeker leads that come in every day. You are welcome to buy them for $75 per thousand.

But, let me make you a special offer. If you want to do a joint venture postcard campaign, I will front you the mailing list, no matter how large (I have millions of names). All you have to do is pay for the postcard printing and mailing. I’ll even show you how to do that at bargain rates.

Professional direct mail marketers consider the minimum mailing you should consider is 5000 pieces. But you may want to try fewer to get started.

So, if you are interested, send me a proposal with your campaign details, and I’ll be happy to consider it, and we'll put the power of offline marketing to work for you. Download Joint Venture Proposal Form.

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