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You need PowerVideos. I know I’ve mentioned it already in this section, but let me emphasize that marketing with videos is in—big time. With the advent of YouTube and other video posting services, people conduct searches for videos just as they do with Google and other search engines. In fact, it’s fair to say that YouTube could be considered just another search engine these days.

Accordingly, if you are not using videos to promote your product, program, service, you are doing yourself a serious disservice. The only problem is that many people do not have the skills to produce a credible video. But that’s no reason not to take advantage of this powerful marketing tool that is guaranteed to boost your sales as much as 317%.

Let PowerVideos come to your rescue. This is an ingenious program that you can sign up for free. You will then receive 10 pre-made squeeze pages every month for selected, high-converting affiliate programs. Of course the squeeze pages come with built-in videos for more effective sales closure.

You can convert your free membership to the Gold level for a small additional monthly investment to receive even more packages to promote and thereby increase your income.

If you wish to enhance your income even more, PowerVideos has an affiliate program that you can sign up for free. I must say that I am impressed with all the affiliate marketing tools that are available free to help you market the program.

I cannot help but comment on the affiliate signup page, however, You would think that a program promoting videos would have a video here. Nope. There is an audio recording instead, which makes me chuckle. Oh well, that’s why doctors should not treat themselves.

Check it out for yourself. I highly recommend that you sign up for this no-brainer money-maker that will give you instant videos. And, while you’re at it, sign up for the affiliate program to bring in even more revenue.

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