The Death of SEO

Is SEO worth the bother? Bill McRea, the chief honcho at Marketing on the Fringe, has compiled a report contending that SEO (search engine optimization) is not only dead but a waste of time. Google and the other engines change the rules of the game so fast that it is impossible to attempt to accommodate them all. As soon as someone figures out a system for tricking the search engines, the search engines change the rules, and on it goes.

There are other, more productive ways to drive traffic to your site using Web 2.0 and other resources, which Bill discusses in his free report, which I would like to share with you.

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The message I’ve tried to convey in the content of this Website is that the one tried-and-true constant that will never change is keeping your site up to date with in-depth information and fresh content. That’s what the search engines really want.

One way to take advantage of this factor is to use Solo Build It!, a program that keeps your content search engine happy and automatically creates Web 2.0 notifications and linkbacks for you on autopilot taking away all the tedium required. It even helps you brainstorm for keywords, niches, and domain names.

You really owe it to yourself to check out Solo Build It!, especially if you are new to Internet marketing, but everyone can benefit from Site Builder because it helps with our goal of site automation. Any product that helps automate your operation and reduce the drudgery deserves your serious consideration.


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