Social Networking, Marketing Research, and Twitter Polls

Social networking has taken off like a brush fire with a tail wind. The question is it a waste of time or can they be used for marketing, research, and monetization?

Twitter is one of the newer venues in social networking; it has become wildly popular. At first, I thought it was ridiculous, a big waste of time, and whoever used it ought to get a life. The basic premise is that you microblog, in 140 or fewer characters, what you are doing at the moment. Who cares? Well apparently a lot of people care—-millions and millions.

Then the light bulb went on. Duh? You can tell people about your latest project, an article you posted, a new venture, invite them to join a group—all kinds of things to promote your business. It didn’t take long for the business community to see the potential either. Now rock stars, presidents, and major corporations Twitter and have huge followings. Social networking is not just about your doing the laundry or having a cup of coffee--you can use it to promote, educate, and brand.

It’s perhaps easiest to build followings on Twitter as opposed to other networks. You can attract targeted followers with interests similar to yours. The glory of Twitter is that it’s so simple compared to Facebook, YouTube, and blogging. All you have to do is issue tiny Tweets to broadcast your message.

Are you aware that you can also use Twitter as a powerful market research tool? There is a polling application for Tweeter, which you can use to test the winds and gather valuable information.

Twitter polls can be created, built, and Tweeted using an application offered by TWTPOLL. This is a Website that lets you create polls by entering a question in the first textbox and multiple choices in the second box. Hit the Create Poll button and Tweet them in Twitter, post them in your Facebook account, or in other social media with targeted markets.

Use the polls in conjunction with social networking to discover what your target market demands and what they are willing to buy online. You can ask people relative questions that can help you in your marketing campaigns using the polls. Once you’ve released the finished polls, it’s time to wait for the answers to flow in. The answers you receive will each have personal opinions or choices, and in the end you’ll be able to tell what the market really expects from your product or service.

Did I mention that it’s free? Have you priced the cost of marketing research lately? Such a deal; use it!

Well, it’s only free if you want it to be. You are welcome to upgrade your account with a donation of any amount one time. It will give you a much fancier presentation. I’d say donate, the difference is amazing.

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