Go mobile with social networking

Currently it’s becoming the norm to keep on top of your social networking campaigns while on the go. Thanks to a helpful array of applications now available for mobile devices, it’s now easier than ever.

Facebook has recently come out with a user-friendly mobile application not only for viewing the Facebook website on a mobile browser, but also designed to embrace your phone’s text messaging capabilities enabling you to accept friend requests, send private messages, and even get information for other Facebook users by using a few basic text messaging commands.

MySpace has also followed suit and now offers “MySpace mobile” which is compatible with select handsets. In addition to the mobile application which can be integrated with several popular handsets, MySpace has also gone over to a mobile version of their site to enhance the user experience for visitors viewing in a mobile browser.

In addition to MySpace & Facebook going mobile, a new phenomenon known as Twitter is also quickly revolutionizing the way we do things on our cell phones and it seems like if used properly, Twitter could be the missing link between all of these social networks.

Thanks to these new mobile developments you’ll never have to sit bored in a waiting room or feel “disconnected” ever again, so long as you know the shortcuts, helpful resources, and other related tips I’m about to share, and you have your cell phone in hand.

Keep in mind your cell phone carrier may include additional charges for text messages and mobile data usage. Check with your cell phone service provider for details to avoid any unexpected charges.

So here’s a closer look at a few of the resources you’ll find helpful once you’re ready to “go mobile…”

Facebook Mobile

The mobile friendly version of the Facebook site should automatically display when you visit Facebook from your cell phone, but if not, you can manually point your cell phone’s internet browser here:


As with most mobile optimized pages you’ll find a quick reference guide at the bottom of the page, allowing you to go to the most popular pages of the site by simply pushing the corresponding digit on your keypad.

But visiting this mobile optimized version of the Facebook site is only the first step in taking advantage of all the Facebook team has to offer when it comes to your mobile experience.

You should also login to your Facebook account and visit the “Mobile Settings” where you can configure your cell phone to receive text message notifications anytime certain criteria or actions take place on Facebook.

Once you configure your phone for the text messaging notifications you’ll also see how easy it is to use text message commands to enjoy Facebook.

Here’s a link to configure your mobile device for use with Facebook text messaging notifications:


You may have to first login to your account, visit the “account” link in the upper right corner of the screen, and then click on the “Mobile” tab in order to access this page. Once here you can follow the easy prompts to configure your mobile number & confirm it.

You’ll also fnd this page helpful:


Once you’re all setup you’ll even be able to send pictures directly from your mobile phone either via mobile email or MMS messaging which will automatically be added to your Facebook account! I find this feature to be the most useful. Imagine being on the go, scoping out a cool thing you want to photograph, snapping a picture on your cell cam, and uploading it to your Facebook account all in a matter of minutes!

MySpace Mobile

In my opinion MySpace Mobile is a little bit behind the power curve as compared to Facebook’s mobile capabilities, but the following tips will still keep you up to speed nonetheless…

Just like Facebook you can enable text message notifications from MySpace by going to “My Account” and then choosing the “Mobile” option. Simply enter your mobile number, decide which events you’d like to receive notification for, and then follow the instructions for confirming your number.

You can still add photos to your account directly from your mobile cam by using a free service at http://www.MMSFace.com but note that MMSFace will automatically add a watermark to your MySpace photos, which I find slightly annoying.

After reviewing multiple tools for uploading mobile photos to MySpace MMSFace seems to be the easiest & most convenient way to do so.

There’s also another cool option out there called http://www.JuiceCaster.com which will also enable you to share your mobile photos & videos on your social networking profiles. Juice Caster is also a free service.

The “glue” that can bring this all together for you and put your social networking into hyperdrive is definitely Twitter. You can sign up for a free account here & quite easily add tweets or “micro-blog” entries and it’s as easy as sending text messages.

You can include links in your tweets and best of all, if you add the Twitter application for Facebook and a handy Twitter application for MySpace to your respective accounts, you’ll be able to update your Twitter profile, Facebook profile, & MySpace profile with each text message to let your friends & followers know what you’re up to.

This is a great way to post links to your Facebook & MySpace pages as well if there’s some sites you’d like to recommend or suggest to your readership.

Here’s a few of the recommended applications to integrate Twitter with MySpace & Facebook:

Twitter/MySpace application: http://www.myspace.com/apptweet

Twitter/Facebook application: http://www.facebook.com/r.php?referrer=112&app_id=2231777543

Twitter/Wordpress Blog Integration: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/twitter-widget/

By using the suggested applications made here, you’ll be able to get the most out of your social networking while on the move. When you incorporate a few of these suggestions you’ll keep your social networking campaigns front & center so you’ll constantly be reminded to stay in touch with your friends & followers on each of these sites.

Once you begin sharing interesting content with your friends on these sites, & give them regular updates, they will soon expect to hear from you regularly and eagerly look forward to any advice & suggestions you might wish to share.

P.S. – YouTube also has mobile settings you can configure in your “account” section, however, I’ve yet to have a successful video upload using the mobile option. This topic is under further investigation.

Article source: http://tinyurl.com/6aszpv