Introduction to Social Networking

Social networking sites began a few years back and spread like wildfire among teens who eagerly embraced them for the feeling of community it gave them. They could share likes, dislikes, feelings, make new friends, find old ones and connect with like minded folk. You can post pictures, link to videos, join groups, form groups, and get addicted to the whole euphoric experience.

Music groups and wannabe stars found they could forge a following on social network sites. Already credentialed celebrities attracted instant followings from fans eager to gain insides glimpses into the lives of their idols. Barrack Obama took advantage of the social media networks to spread his word and further his mission during the last presidential campaign.

Social networks are amazingly popular now. There are hundreds of them popping up like wildflowers in the desert after a rain. Thousands of new people enroll every day. For a list of some of the more popular ones, go here:

The most trendy ones to emerge from the morass of cyberspace include Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. But there are others rapidly rising in popularity such as LinkedIn and Squidoo, which are more for professionals to make contacts. I would also put graphic depository sites such as Flickr and YouTube in the social networking category as well, because you can establish community, follow , be followed, communicate with them. Do not ignore them as a marketing tool.

These sites are like micro blogs in which you post a short message of 140 characters about whatever is on your mind. At first I thought that was really stupid. Who cares? What a colossal waste of time. But people love it as evidenced by their popularity and phenomenal growth.

All the sites are free to join in order to attract as many subscribers as possible in the popularity race. To sign up, simply visit the site, register, create a profile and be sure to post a picture of yourself. After that, you can post whatever you like and share more pictures if you wish, join groups, form new ones, and participate in discussions.

More recently businesses have realized that social networks represent a huge receptive audience to which they can sharpen their image and pitch their product with invitations to Websites with enticement offers. Job seekers can connect with businesses too.

Social Networking for Business

Now, it is just as important to have a social networking presence for a business as it is to have a Website. And that’s why you need to pay attention to social networking if you are going to conduct a business online.

As with any social entity, there is an associated culture which you must learn, and each group you join can have its own variations. A universal no-no is a taboo you must never break, which is to come on like gang busters trying to sell your program, product, or service. You will be shunned like a plague.

You may put your site URL and your personal and business descriptions in your profile. Some sites even let you build your own Web pages on which you can promote your business. But you must be subtle in how you lure people.

Join groups that conform to your interests and profession. Form your own group and invite others to join. Do category searches to find people and then invite them to be your friend or start following them; they usually will follow back, especially if you have similar interests and many friends in common.

Whatever you do, don’t abuse the system and SPAM everyone. Instead, try to offer helpful information in the groups and in your posts that will entice people to visit your lair. If you’ve just written an informative article that pertains to your product, mention it in a post along with a link.

You should devote some effort to developing a following in your favorite social networking sites. You can’t join them all or it would kill you to try to keep up a presence on them all. Be careful that you don’t become a slave to it or too addicted, for that would be counter-productive.

Here are some suggestions on how to promote yourself that you should try to tend to on a daily or weekly basis:

-Send emails with information about your movie and services

-Post comments subtly directing others to your site and video

-Send Bulletins to friends and followers

-Send 500 friend requests to acquire fans and followers

-Post in groups to attract new followers

-Post in forums pertaining to your business

It’s all free but…

The nice thing about social network marketing is that it’s all free. However, if you have some jingle in your jeans, and you want to try some targeted pay per click ads on social network sites, they will be happy to take your money. After all, that’s how they support themselves. The nice thing is that it’s not as expensive or competitive as Google yet.

New kid on the block

There’s a relatively new social network site called Zenzuu that started in 2008. It does pretty much what all the other sites do in terms of profiles, posting, sharing pix, joining and forming groups. The difference is that ZenZuu will actually pay you for your participation. It pays you by doling out a share of the revenue brought in by advertising. The more visitors they can tell advertisers they have visiting the site, the more they can charge for ads. So here’s the deal: You can join for free; it will never cost a penny. Then you do the old MLM recruiting thing and try to get others to join. You get paid up to nine levels deep, which can add up to some serious bucks after a while. What’s the catch? There only one that I’ve found, and that is you must agree to log on to your account at least 30 times a month so they can keep their hit rate up for advertisers. That’s it. I suppose this could produce a nice little residual income on the side if you just casually promote it with a link from your site and mention it here and there from time to time.

What the heck, I’m giving it a try. If you want in too, just go to Zenzuu to sign up. Let’s see what happens. Don’t forget that Zenzuu is yet another place where you can promote your business to a receptive audience.


Be careful in your social network postings about revealing your affiliate link. There are bad guys out there who will steal your affiliate link and cash in on your hard work. To avoid this, go to where you can sign up for free to get URL cloaking to protect your affiliate links. With this software, you can also earn a viral income because you can track those who have clicked your link. This is way cool, and you need it if you are going to be involved in affiliate marketing programs through social networking.


Clearly social networking sites are worth your consideration and should definitely be part of your marketing plan. You should spend some effort attracting as many targeted followers in your niche as possible so that you have an instant group to whom you can broadcast your latest findings and fancies. Since this Website is dedicated to creating a profitable online income and automating the process, I will offer further information about how to use social networking sites species by species and share some of my favorite automation tools to enhance the process. Please feel free to share your findings as well.

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